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Full-time funded weekend wanderer with a habit of sleeping on the ground in remote or isolated locations. Long distance annual or biannual migratory behaviour. Carnivorous diet as well as charred corn and other colourful vegetables. Urban lures include sparkling mineral water, peanut butter and Netflix…

Full time in the IT sector, I am an after-hours bushcraft, camping, four wheel driving, remote touring, nature enthusiast. Travelling by way of my beloved Toyota LandCruiser 76 series –  Cecil, with my high school sweetheart David. My obsession lies in the natural wonders of Australia and the freedom, imagination and serenity that remote and basic travel affords.

I attempt to escape reception and the confines (real and impressed upon) of suburban life as oft as possible. Enjoying the preparation and journey as much as the destination, however far from home, however wild.

This blog is an attempt to not only organise the chaos that is my photo and journal collection but also share and document the memories, mistakes and discoveries made along the way.

Whilst I am addicted to the traditional simplicity that is camping; essentially a food and comfort cycle dictated primarily by the sun. (My inner child is also clinging to the sense of adventure and fantasy, blame my heavily read childhood) I also love the modern innovations and developments found in outdoor equipment today. Considering much of this, with an abundance of bravery and planning – has enamored us to venture where we have and will go, this blog will serve also to review and consider those products and ideas. After all, if we’re not traveling or camping… we’re definitely talking about it, preparing for it, learning about it.

Rebecca, 30-something. Wild at heart.