The Tall and Skinny of it: Toyo Open Country MT

Not exclusively for mud, Mud Terrain tyres are known for their worst-case scenario performance. Stiffer, reinforced sidewalls for weight carrying and deflated use. And that aggressive tread for the variable terrain that Australia offers. Trawl the internet, Forums or Facebook and find equal parts hearsay and happy tyre customers. After our own research on size and […]

Caves to Closed

Sometimes spontaneity conflicts with best laid plans or preparation that usually adorns a spot of overlanding. But in our opinion, that’s precisely what weekends are for. Recently we threw the swag on the roof, fridge in the back, and scooted off towards Oberon. Without so much as prerequisite research or notice. Our old favourite Boiling Billy’s […]

rlhydn_report v1.0

With so much happening, or to happen at rlhydn_overland this year, I thought it is worthwhile to try a Newsletter of sorts. The rlhydn_report? We have been in the midst of a Jmacx wheel track conversion and GVM upgrade. Before, albeit precariously close to our first exploration of the Victorian High Country. I am perusing the Hema […]