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With so much happening, or to happen at rlhydn_overland this year, I thought it is worthwhile to try a Newsletter of sorts. The rlhydn_report?

We have been in the midst of a Jmacx wheel track conversion and GVM upgrade. Before, albeit precariously close to our first exploration of the Victorian High Country.

I am perusing the Hema guide on the tracks and trails for our short visit. Get in contact on Instagram, the Blog, or Facebook or with your tips and must-see recommendations

After a quick stop at Camera House we’re essentially packed and ready to go. I am looking forward to not only locking the hubs, but also the sheer scope of natural wonder that the High Country offers. The photographic fodder promises to saturate my senses and memory cards.

I can’t wait to share our first experience of the hill climbs and huts with you.

After the High Country we have the Drifta Camping Event at Camp Cobark. We hope to say hello and share the campfire warmth again with those we met at DFCE 2017 and those we didn’t!

Phase 3 is in its early stages. As we’re constantly learning more about our camping
and overlanding travel habits and so, our kit and build will evolve.

Phase 3 began with the onboard 12v Hot Water system, Waeco console fridge and a change to the battery management system; Welcome Redarc to the journey. There are mutterings and sketches of more storage optimisation and the Terrain Tamer Fifth Gear upgrade is still resting on the garage floor. The rest will be revealed in good time…

Our analytics suggest our readers really enjoyed our long term gear and campsite reviews. Get in touch or comment below with your suggestions or feedback, we’d love to hear from you!

We’ve had over 360 unique visitors per week now, from all over the globe! Considering over 50% of you are with us via your smartphones, we plan optimise the site a little more for you too.

Later in the year we’re planning a sandier escape to Moreton Island, something a little different for us, but I am super keen for a beachfront Oztent experience, complete with sticky, saltwater hair and some beach driving.

But as always, there will be plenty of dusty trails and quiet campsites in-between as we continue to engage our suburban avoidance system and explore more of NSW

2018 for us is shaping up how we intended – lots of experiences, lots of changes but within
preparation for another, gloriously red exploration – west in 2019.

Stay tuned, or rather – Subscribe, Like and Follow and share our adventures and
experiences always overland, under canvas.


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