Stuck in the middle with you: Part I

Gundagai camp ground

As a trip report goes, this will likely be filled with hindsight and a different blend of optimism then felt on the road. Being our most recent tour, a word I would choose to describe a planned circuit over the course of several weeks. Considering the how the trip panned out, I figured this one would be easier to recollect, and clear out my iPhone photo album, oh.. and we loved it.

Part I Preparing for the worst, or best….

We started out with a small list of the must-haves for such a remote trip.

  • Second spare tyre, this evolved to include a Uneek4x4 rear bar with dual wheel carrying capacity
  • Additional underbody fuel tank, Long Range Automotive make a 90litre tank, partnered with the Long Ranger we have had for a few years, we would have nearly 260litres on board.
  • Suspension, Old Man Emu were faultless but after 120,000km they were sagging. We opted for Koni Raid 90 shocks and increased our ARB springs to a constant 400kg and PolyAir Dominators, specifically designed for the 70 LandCruisers.
  • Onboard water. We wanted to add to our Drifta 40litre drawer tank. Our local engineer designed an underbody 40L tank with pump

Some of the other upgrades….

  • Heavy duty clutch, we chose NPC 1300nm
  • Recaro seats, a nice retro shape, grey velour with lumbar air. Complete with Black Duck Seat covers, we had these on the OEM seats and they are everything they promise to be, and more.
  • Ensuite, saw this on a Drifta/Alucab collaboration offroad trailer. We bought an Australian made pre-production model to have in time for our trip from Alucab/QuickPitch

The drama of some of these installations we look back at with little sympathy. Time, is more valuable then money. We have since learned not to wait ‘until we need it for that trip’ to consider new installations, etc. Especially considering they can be enjoyed on weekends anyway.

Needless to say, we departed. Around midnight as it turned out, and over-nighted in Gundagai. Leaving at night is awesome, feels even more adventurous. And a big country breakfast in Gundagai to start our quest.

Our list was ticked off. Albeit our departure really was from beautiful Melbourne where Uneek4x4 HQ installed our rear bar and dual wheel carrier. Told you time was short.

Spending a few relaxed days in Melbourne we ate at as many cafes and restaurants as we could, also visited the aquarium.

Next stop…. roll out the swag somewhere in northwest Victoria.

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